Ziza and Grant - looking fabulous
ElectroDeux is an electronic music group from Johannesburg South Africa, who have been creating original electronic music and entertaining audiences with their diverse sounds and energetic performances since early 2008.  Although the group has its own distinctive style, one can draw likenesses to some of their rolex replica sale influences: Eurythmics, Everything but the Girl and the Dresden Dolls. The eclectic sound, inspired by a combination of European, Asian, African, Tropical, North and South American influences, is further rolex replica sale by the sultry and powerful vocal contributions of ElectroDeux's lead vocalists, Grant and Ziza.

ElectroDeux not only aspires to create great original rolex replica sale that speak of passion, emotion, and experience, which can easily be related to, but delivers the same energy and passion in their live performances.

"We want to make music, and have fun doing it - lots of it. It's in our DNA. We want our music to move people as it does us, and want you to feel what we
feel, because that's when we have really rolex replica sale what we set out to do.
It makes this journey so much more rewarding. "